Data Access Request

Under the GDPR (General data Protection Regulations effective from 25th May 2018) you are entitled to request details of all information relating to you held by our site. All information held by us on this site is linked to you by linking it to your email address. By entering your email address in the box below you are requesting from us details of all information we hold. Because your email address will be stored by our site once you send the request to us we are obliged to ask for your consent to store it by requiring the consent box to be ticked. Ticking this box is a requirement of the new legislation as we must seek your consent for any new information. It is not a blanket consent giving us permission to store any information we hold relating to you.

Our Privacy Policy explains in detail how we store your information and the type of information we keep on our site. Please read our up to date policy for full information by clicking HERE.

Once we receive your request we will download all the information we hold on our site about you. As an extra level of security we will then email you to ensure that the request has in fact come from you. Once you have comfirmed this we will then send the information we hold as an attachment to an email which will enable you to view all the information we hold about you on our site. This will be sent to the email address submitting the request initially.

Once you have received the information you have several options available to you:

You can instruct us to remove all information we hold about you by clicking on the remove information link in the email. We are obliged to do this within 30 days of receiving your instructions and we will confirm by email that all information has been removed.

If you are happy for us to keep the information we hold which we will only ever use to fulfill any future orders or keep you up to date with any offers or promotions that based on passed experience may be of interest to you then click on the Save Information link and everything will remain as is.

Finally the third option once you receive the data is to do nothing. We appreciate that during the build up to GDPR and afterwards people have been bombarded with opt in and opt out emails all of which take time to answer and at times can be inconvenient.

If after we have sent you the requested information we have not received any reply from you within 30 days of sending the information we will assume that you are happy with us keeping your information, which we will therefore do and the first time we make contact after this our email will as standard going forward have an option for you to remove your information from our site should you decide to do so.